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Workshop: Powerful knowledge as a curriculum principle; problems in theory and practice


6 juin 2018


Bernard Schneuwly (unige)


Michael Young (University of London)


From 5 to 7 pm - uni mail (salle M 6020)

Description by Michael Young: "I will begin with a brief outline of the origins of the concept ‘powerful knowledge and why I argue that ‘access to knowledge’ is the key question for educational research and policy. I will then turn to some of the problems that have arisen when the idea of ‘powerful knowledge’ has been introduced in secondary schools in England as a curriculum principle. I will conclude by brief reference to a project that I am currently involved in that is concerned with the specialist subject knowledge of school teachers"


Possible prior readings are:

1. attached paper ‘what are schools for?'

2. my book with David Lambert- Knowledge and the Future School ( Bloomsbury 2014)

3. my article in the Journal of Curriculum Studies Overcoming the crisis in curriculum theory; A knowledge-based approach Vol 5 No 2 2013

4. ELSS attached: unpublished Conference paper on Choosing Knowledge


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Genève - Uni Mail 6020

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