Understanding the evolution of a concept through the abstraction | concretization movement in teaching situations using analogies

Auteur David PIOT
Directeur /trice
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s) Emmanuel Sander (Université de Genève) Nicolas Perrin (HEP Vaud)
Résumé de la thèse

This thesis work considers abstract and concrete in a dialectical perspective. They are not separate elements. In the learning process, they are intimately linked in a double ascension abstraction | concretization (Roth & Hwang, 2006). The main hypothesis of this research is that the analogy (Hosftadter & Sander, 2013) is one of the engine that enables this double movement. The resulting research questions can be expressed as follows: How does the dual movement abstraction | concretization evolve during a learning process? How does the generation of analogies influence this double movement? This work is part of the paradigm of enaction and raises the question of sense-making (De Jaegher & Di Paolo, 2007). The protocol proposes to create teaching situations to encourage the double ascension abstraction | concreteness through the production of analogies. Learners' activity will be analysed using the methodological tools of the Course of Action (Theureau, 2010).

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